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Signatory Obligations

To comply with the Covenant, Brand Owner Signatories are required to take the following actions:

  • within three months of becoming a Signatory, submit an action plan that sets out what the Signatory proposes to do to contribute to the Covenant’s aim and meets the obligations published by APCO
  • by 31 March each year, commencing in the financial year following the year in which a company becomes a Signatory, submit an annual report that outlines performance against all of the action plan commitments and meets the reporting obligations as published by APC
  • publish the action plan and annual reports on its website in a prominent and readily identifiable way
  • make annual financial contributions in the form of membership fees payable to APCO (see Section 5: Covenant)

  • implement policies or procedures to buy products made from recycled material
  • establish collection and recycling programs for used packaging materials generated on-site
  • take action, where appropriate, to reduce litter
  • allow independent audits of annual reports and the implementation of action plans, including allowing access to relevant supporting documentation demonstrating application of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, or an alternative to the Guidelines, and
  • assist APCO to respond to complaints from the public about the design and use of packaging materials.