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The Australian Packaging Covenant provides funding to projects which contribute towards the achievement of the Covenant’s goals.

funding UPDATE

The 2015/16 funding round has now concluded.

Successful projects include those focusing on litter reduction from roadside to marine environments, and to those delivering sustainable waste management solutions in public places and remote communities. There are also a number of projects diverting more materials from landfill, particularly flexible plastics and commercial packaging waste.  

This funding round process was very competitive, with over $17m of funding requested across 82 applications.

Find out about APC Projects

To read about our current and past projects, please browse through our projects or search the APC projects database.

How projects are assessed and funded

Project proposals are assessed on their ability to deliver savings against targets, be cost-effective during implementation and demonstrate potential as ongoing form of business.

Funding is available to APC signatories only. If you are not already a signatory / brand owner at the time of applying for funding, you will be required to become a signatory at the time of funding being approved. Download the Signatory Commitment Form specifically for project applicants.

Projects may be instigated and managed by industry or government, individually or jointly and be local regional or national in focus.

APC Projects may encompass infrastructure developments, educational programmes, research results that need field trials, new technologies that need testing under local conditions, or expansion of services to new business sectors, new communities or across a broader geographical region.

Five project selection principles contribute to project identification. These are:

  • Focus on achieving the goals of the Australian Packaging Covenant
  • Focus on priority areas identified in the Council’s Strategic Plan
  • Demonstrates product stewardship
  • Be cost efficient in achieving goals
  • Learnings to be made available for wider use (subject to IP ownership)


EPS Project launch 

KFC project launch