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Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Limited (APCO) is the entity in charge of managing and administering the Covenant.

This organisation was formally known as the National Packaging Industry Association (NPCIA) and converted to APCO, a public company limited by guarantee, in August 2016. This new governance model will deliver more accountability, greater environmental outcomes and better value to signatories of the Australian Packaging Covenant.

APCO goals

APCO’s objective is to pursue the following charitable purposes in Australia:

  • the protection and enhancement of the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment; and
  • the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research, about the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment.

APCO is committed to:

  • work collaboratively with industry and governments under the auspices of the Australian Packaging Covenant, or similar agreements as negotiated from time to time;
  • establish and maintain a public fund to be called the Australian Packaging Covenant Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objectives of the Company.
  • receive other funds and distribute those funds in a manner that best attains the objective the Company; and
  • do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Company’s objectives.

APCO structure

APCO’s Constitution allows for a Board of up to nine directors. This includes three independent directors, three Brand Owner directors and three Industry Association directors. The Board is responsible for corporate governance and strategic planning for APCO.

List of APCO directors

Independent Directors


Brand Owner Directors

Industry Association Directors

Sandra (Sam) Andersen ( Chair)

Jacky Nordsvan (Nestlé)

Jackie Smiles (Australian Institute of Packaging)

Trent Bartlett

Renata Lopes (Super Retail Group)

Grant Musgrove (Australian Council of Recycling)

Anne Astin

Jason Goode (Simplot Australia)


Brooke Donnelly is the Interim Chief Executive Officer of APCO.

See Staff for a full list of APCO staff.

 For more details about APCO please see the company profile.