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APC Recycling Data

2014 Recycling Rate

The overall recycling rate for post-consumer packaging in Australia remained at 64.2% for 2014.

Recycling Data Report 2013-14: Paper Packaging, Glass Containers, Steel Cans and Aluminium Packaging

Recycling Data Report 2013-14: Plastics

2013 Recycling Rate

The overall recycling rate for post-consumer packaging in Australia is 64.2% for 2013.

Recycling Data Report 2012-13: Paperboard, glass, aluminium and steel

Recycling Data Report 2012-13: Plastics

2012 Recycling Rate (APC Statement, 11 March 2013)

The overall recycling rate for post-consumer packaging in Australia is 63.8% for 2012.

The establishment of the Packaging Covenant itself has had a direct contribution to the increased national recycling rate. APC funded projects have accounted for up to 32.4% of the overall increase in recycling tonnes from 2005-2012. There have been increases in recycling tonnes for all but one material type.

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The full recycling rate data is available in the 2012 Annual Report

2011 Recycling Rate (APC Statement, 24 November 2011)

The 2011 recycling rate is 63.1% for post-consumer packaging in Australia. The results reflect differing conditions affecting consumption and recovery of individual material types. Of significance are increases in recycling tonnes for all by one material type - glass, plastics, steel and aluminium cans have increased, with paper board at variance to the trend - reflecting the continuing effort being made by industry and jurisdictions to deliver recycling services and programs, whilst investing in infrastructure to increase and improve recycling capability in cities and regional areas across Australia. Packaging design and material choice area also producing positive results.
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2010 Recycling Rate (APC Statement, 8 June 2011)

The 2010 recycing rate is 62.5% for post-consumer packaging in Australia, a 5.5% increase on the previous year. This achievement compares to the 2010 target of 65% set in 2005 when the recycling rate was 48% and is well up from the 2003 baseline of 39%. Key drivers were increases in paper and glass recycling, supporting the Packaging Covenant's focus in recent years to increase recycling activity through project funding and individual signatory efforts. Investment in significant infrastructure projects by industry and governments has contributed to the result during a time when global impacts have challenged the Australian business environment.
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