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Action Plans and Annual Reports

The enhanced Australian Packaging Covenant (Jan 2017) requires a change to your APCO Annual Reporting and Action Plans. These changes will be phased in via Capcity Building Sessions:

Round 1: Overview of the new APC Reporting Framework (May-June 2017)

*New member resources available below and on our resources page*  

Round 2: Data Management for Reporting (September - October 2017)

Round 3: Use of the Online Self-Assessment Tool (November 2017 – March 2018)


With the enhanced covenant starting January 1, 2017, and the endorsement of the new 5 year strategic plan, the APCO team has been working to align member planning and reporting activities to the new framework. In recognition that any change requires time to consider and implement within a business, we are providing significant lead time for our members. During this lead time, we will be working with you so that you can build your capacity and capability, ready for 2018.

Action Plans 2017

With most members’ Action Plans ending 30 June 2017, we are taking this opportunity to migrate from the existing to the new format. Accordingly, members are not required to submit an updated Action Plan during 2017. We encourage all members to continue with current actions, process and data management. 

Annual Reporting 2018

Based on member feedback, we have designed an approach to reporting and action plans that is robust, accountable and provides value to businesses, industry and stakeholders. The new approach supports the APCO strategic plan by providing a rigorous and transparent framework for member action plans, reporting and evaluation, as well as demonstrating industry accountability to governments.

The APCO has commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) of the University of Technology Sydney and Dr Helen Lewis to develop APCO’s new Reporting Self-Assessment Tool. It is currently at the pilot stage, the tool will be launched Nov 2017.

The APCO team will support members through this period by hosting three rounds of Capacity Building Sessions. The first round of sessions will provide an overview of the reporting framework and the self-assessment tool. Round two will assist members to develop and implement appropriate data management practices to ensure the right metrics are being measured to meet the reporting requirements. Round three sessions will integrate plug and play activities with the new self-assessment tool which will be available in November 2017.

Action Plans 2018 and Beyond

One of the added benefits of the new reporting tool is that it will also generate recommended actions to improve performance. These can form the core of your APC Action Plan going forward. 

             Capacity Building Session Schedule


April 28

Schedule for Capacity Building Sessions released to members via email 


May - June

Capacity Building Sessions Round 1: Overview of the new APC Reporting Framework 

Sydney - May 22 - 9:30am - PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

Sydney - June 15 - 9:30am - Willis Towers Watson 

Perth -  May 31 - 9:30am - Wesfarmers Limited

Melbourne - June 8 - 9:30am - Asahi Beverages

Melbourne -  June 9 - 10:30am - Australia Post

*Sessions are scheduled for roughly 2 hours* 

Round 1 Member Resources: 

  • Video 1: Overview of APCO's Packaging Sustainability Framework

  • Video 2: Overview of APCO's Online Self-Assessment Tool 
Please share your feedback here:

September - October


Capacity Building Sessions Round 2:  Data Management for Reporting

 (More information coming shortly)


Online Portal Available for members to complete Self-Assessment Tool


November - December

Capacity Building Session Round 3: Use of the Oneline Self-Reporting Tool



February- March

Capacity Building Sessions Round 3: Use of the Self-Reporting Tool


March 31

2018 Member Annual Report Submissions Due



Contact Us

The APCO team are here to support and guide members through this process of change. Please feel free to contact us via the below: 

Event enquiries - Marta: or (02) 8381 3714 

Member Services enquires - Lily or (02) 8381 3706