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Innovative recycling solutions

Mon 3 July 2017

Each year, several hundred tonnes of woven polypropylene finds its way into landfill in Australia and a small quantity is exported. 

The material is used in a variety of applications including packaging, labelling, textiles, ropes and stationery. APCO’s collaboration with the GT Recycling in Victoria means industry now has an outlet for these plastics with GT successfully closing the loop by producing a recycled raw material. This privately owned  plastic and cardboard recycling company based in Geelong, Victoria, servicing industry and local government throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria, has undertaken significant R&D activities with Deakin University to identify innovative recycling solutions for waste plastics which have traditionally been put in the too hard basket to recycle.

Following funding from APCO and Sustainability Victoria, this project means a previously lost resource can be recycled and utilised as a raw material in the domestic market and the GT is now looking to scale up its recycling of this material. This will further encourage collaboration between the recycler, manufacturers and research organisations to ensure that ongoing markets are established for this relatively new end-of-life product and lead to further innovation.

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